k följare, följer, inlägg - Se foton och videoklipp från Mia Sand ♕ DENMARK (@missmiafit) på Instagram. The latest Tweets from Mia Sand (@missmiafit). The Real Missmiafit @missmiafit. Hovedstaden, Danmark. Mia Sand, (AKA 'Miss Mia Fit,') is a fitness model from Denmark. She became popular for her unique looks, which she says, “Defy the norms of today.” With her.

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On the scale of 1 to 10 Mia is 15!!! Avsnitt på den här sidan. But I do realize that some insecure or troubled ladies will fall for the temptation, some will get blinded by the simple thought of being spoiled by someone, but spoiling yourself beats that feeling by miles, and the best part is that youll still have your integrity, self worth and self respect in check Your health is wealth, invest in yourself its definently worth it mondaymotivation fashionnova novababe boss. Some of her favorite lifts are squats, bench press, and dips. Its actually that bad But I refuse to let things I cant control be the decisive factor, to whether I get things done or not! Weight - lbs missmiafit

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Leave a Reply Comment document. Do you like this profile? Now and before Four weeks back I visited the lovely people at klinikrude As shown in my Instastory back then, you could watch me get Botox injections in my jaw muscles The simple explanation to why I got those, is that it numbs the muscles injected into, and my jaw muscles are really prominent due to my genetics, round face with a square jawbone In my personal opinion it does take away a lot of feminimity and female aesthetics, so when Majken at klinikrude suggested this treatment, I said why not give it a try, and wow what a difference! I have lifted countless tons of weights, taken endless steps on the stair climber, eaten so much lovely and healthy foods, cried, screamed, laughed, smilede, been injured, hurt, in pain, uplifted, depressed etc Despite going through so many aspects of literally everything the last four or five years, I can proudly look myself in the mirror and say, I have fucking slayed goals, I have done this myself, I were the one in charge of getting my ass into the gym at least 6 days a week, sometimes two times daily because I wanted the change so badly So dont tell me you cant do it, I was fat, really fat, depressed, unhappy and unhealthy, treating myself like shit, partying, drinking and up to no goid The morale is - You want something, go fucking get it! It's from workoutempire , and yes it is squat and deadlift approved, its not see through, it doesnt roll or fall down, its super stretchy and sits in place with no fuzz, I freaking love this thing So there you go ladies, to all of you I havent had time to answer Mommy Mia Sand is out workoutempire bodysuit tyngre fitthick. Not because I eat a lot of shit, but as some of you know, I have thyroid deficiency which kills my metabolism, I will gain weight despite eating under calories daily, if not doing cardio So this sums up my week quite well I guess, dont think I have left anything out, feel free to ask any question related to the post Happy grinding fam lifestyle novababe fashionnova.

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